Texas Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Motorcycle Insurance

Before you decide that you want to drive a motorcycle in Texas, you are required to obtain insurance coverage to do so. Osterts and Associates will guide you towards the right plan. We have the answers to all of your motorcycle insurance-related questions. The better your understanding of your responsibilities is, the more you will get out of owning a motorcycle.

Meeting State Requirements

To legally operate a motorcycle in Texas you need to comply with all the state requirements. There is a minimum amount of coverage you must obtain and failure to do so can cause problems if you are involved in an accident. It is important that your insurance is enough to protect not only you but anyone you allow to be a passenger on your motorcycle.

Other Considerations

Texas has always had a high number of motorcycle accidents per year, highlighting how important having insurance is. To get the most out of your insurance, it is crucial that you are able to drive your motorcycle safely at all times. It is recommended that you take advantage of safety features that will make you a more conscientious driver.

This doesn't just apply to traditional motorcycles either. You need the same type of insurance if you drive a scooter, moped, a motorbike with three wheels, and any motor-driven cycle. Even drivers passing through the state on one of these types of vehicles must be insured in order to comply with the law. Anyone caught driving a motorcycle or similar vehicle in Texas, that does not have proper insurance coverage, is subjected to punishment. Those who get caught more than once will face having their license suspended. The maximum suspension of driving privileges lasts two years.

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Before you take your motorcycle out for a drive, contact Osterts and Associates for help in obtaining an insurance policy. We help motorcycle owners all over Texas acquire the insurance you need to get on the road safely.